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Hitachi Vehicle Energy, Ltd.

Privacy Policy

  1. Hitachi Vehicle Energy, Ltd. handles all personal or private information provided by you via online forms on this Website or email in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
  2. We are committed to protecting your rights and interests whenever we obtain, store, use, or disclose your personal information.
  3. Normally, you can visit this Website without disclosing any personal information about yourself. No information will be collected from you just by viewing this Website.
  4. We are committed to preventing any personal information obtained from you by means of being leaked intercepted, lost, stolen, or illegally accessed, by taking appropriate security measures.
  5. We will only use your personal information to the necessary extent for the purpose of accomplishing any of the following.
    • (1)For the execution of the contract made between you and our company.
    • (2)For the delivery of events and such information to you.
  6. We will never provide your personal information to a third party without your prior consent. Note, however, that we may provide your personal information to a third party if any of the following conditions apply:
    • (1) We are legally obligated to do so.
    • (2) Such information is required to protect a person from death, injury, or loss of property, and it is not feasible to obtain your consent beforehand.
    • (3) Cooperation is necessary for the execution of legally stipulated actions by a government agency, local government, or agent thereof, and there is a risk that obtaining your consent could interfere with such actions.
  7. Note, however, that if separate privacy policies are listed for individual content, or links made to such content, that privacy policy has priority.
  8. Hitachi Vehicle Energy, Ltd. is committed to continually revising and improving this Privacy Policy in order to handle your personal information in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, and continue to protect your privacy.

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