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Hitachi Vehicle Energy, Ltd.

What's the Lithium Ion Battery ?

Lithium ion rechargeable battery can be used repeatedly, and thanks to the advantageous features of its compact size and light weight is now widely used, and replaced the Nickel metal hydride batteries originally used for mobile applications such as laptop PC, cellular phones and others. And now, it has been adopted as the battery for eco-friendly cars by its distinct features for better charging efficiency than the Nickel metal hydride battery and memory-effect-free performance. In actual application for vehicles,many cells needs to be combined as a module to form a battery pack with additional control circuit to monitor voltage or temperature for safety use. Moreover reliability under severe conditions and high safety level in case of crash or accident is required.
The Hitachi's R&D Group is developing battery of "long operating life", "high power", "high energy density", "high durability", "safety", and "low cost" for automotive applications.

Cylindrical / Prismatic Lithium-ion Battery Cell

115V Lithium-ion Battery Module

173V Lithium-ion Battery Module

Adoption Merit

Contributes to the realization of low fuel consumption vehicles, low exhaust gas, and excellent accelerating performance.

Overview and Features

  1. High output assistance and high energy regeneration are possible.
  2. Realization of high energy efficiency
  3. More than 10 million cells are manufactured and shipped for Hybrid-electric vehicles
  4. Realized the downsizing and advancement of reliability by introducing the newly developed ASIC in the cell controller